Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where does time go?

I don't know where the time goes, but it goes fast! I just needed to do a quick post to make sure that this blog still works! It has been that long!

These are totally random pictures, but still fun. I will hopefully get around to posting more soon.

My little H's Cars birthday cake this year. Super fun ideas out there and this is my creation/version.

My other H had Luau for her end of school party. I thought no Luau is complete without a pig! Even if it is made out of Rice Krispies!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a few things

I have been busy lately with a new little one that I am babysitting, so not too much crafting going on. Here are just a few things that have happened in the last little bit...

Just a few visiting teaching valentine's gifts. 

 A necklace to go with the skirt I made for Hali. 
Circle skirt that I found here. I am eventually going to make one for me. :)

 I can't remember where I saw the tutorial on this, but I show you how I did it. Pretty simple. I love hot glue and broken necklaces!

Here is just a little birthday card for my mom. The blue flower is Matboard from Heartstring Designs

And this I made for a friend that is also Milaya's piano teacher. I got this idea from Miss Mustard Seed. She has done so many things with sheet music that are so cute. I might have to do some more. My project turned out bigger than I expected, but fits nicely on her wall. Just don't ask her husbands opinion on it. 

I also found this bench/foot stool for $5.98 at a thrift store. It is currently in the process of being re-done. I have never reupholstered anything before, so this is a good(small) project to start with I think. I have taken the top off and have new foam that I got for 40% off at Jo-Ann's. I am just trying to decide if I want the base black with zebra print on top(which I already have the stuff for), or brown with different brown material on top. Thoughts? Anyone? ;) Decisions, decisions. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just realized that I haven't posted pics of the mirror I finished!!! My brain doesn't work properly most of the time sometimes! we go!
 I don't think that I needed the primer on it. I think it was a wasted step...lesson learned. 
 I painted it a turquoise blue, then dry brushed some creamy tan oops paint that I got again for really cheap. Then I sanded it down on the edges to reveal some of the wood. (this is why the primer was a wasted step) 

The pic below is where I have it now. I am eventually going to re-do the dresser and the jewelry box on the right. In all of the spare time that I have! The dresser we got for free from our landlord after we got married. It is falling apart, but it was free and still works. I would eventually like to get this one from IKEA. I just have to talk Mr. Moneybags into getting it, since he doesn't think the old one is worth a re-do. I couldn't get a "good" picture of it to make it look "pretty", oh well. I will blame it on my not so fancy camera ;) 

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So, I have a few things up my sleeves right now. I have really gotten a bug to refinish stuff. Every time I come home from the thrift store my husband adores me rolls his eyes and asks if he needs to take away my debit card. During Christmas break, we went to a thrift store in our area and I found this

For $9.98! This thing is heavy, solid wood. And it is about as tall as I am. (I know, it isn't saying much, but for a mirror it is!) I saw a mirror over at Miss Mustard Seed and fell in love with it. I don't remember if I saw it before or after I found this mirror. Anyway, she did a great job with hers of course - so I thought that I would give it a go.
I didn't like the design that had been routed out, so I filled it in with wood putty, and sanded, and filled in, and sanded. I did that about 4-5 times until I looked like it didn't exist.
Then I primed it. Thinking back, I probably didn't have to do that if I wanted it to look like hers...doh. Then I painted it my favorite turqoise color.

It isn't finished yet, so you will have to come back and see the final product. I am waiting for the weather to get warm and dry enough to finish it! It is going to go on top of our dresser in our bedroom where I have my other pieces that I have redone! My next post is going to be all over the place, but so much fun stuff has been going on!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Finished projects

Ok, so here is the finished project I was promising. And another. I didn't know how I would like this paint color, but I thought that it turned out really well with the glaze. I did have some "help" from the kids on this one.

Here is the finished product. It is in my bedroom.

You can see more of the detail than before. Before it was just a pewter color and wasn't painted at all.

Here is another project that I got for FREE!!! My neighbors were moving so I thought that I would go see what she had. She said if you want it take it. It is going into the dump or donated anyway. So I was REALLY excited to get this next piece. I grew up with these in my house and have been wanting to get one to redo. And what is better than finding one...finding one for free!

Before, not the prettiest piece in the world. Lots of cobwebs on it.


The inside has a hole in the back. My plan is to put fabric on the bottom to cover the hole and to make it look cute! Think it will work? 

 It took me just one day to get this done. It was sitting there for a few weeks, but once I had a chance to do it it went pretty fast. I primed it with Krylon white primer.
Then I painted it Blue Ocean Breeze. I saw some way cute stuff on All Things Thrifty and it was SO cute! So I had to get some and try it. It is the same color I used on the project above. 

I took the hardware off and spray painted it oil rubbed bronze. It has a little bit of a sparkle to it.

And then added glaze (which I got for 25 cents at a yard sale!) that I tinted black(the paint was also an oops paint I got at walmart). I love it!

And voila! It's done! I want to do another project so bad. I am trying to find a sitting chair that I can redo and put next to it in my bedroom for a reading nook. Here's hoping!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Yes, I have been MIA for a while now. I have been taking pictures and doing "stuff". I just haven't had time to re-size everything and post! But there will a come a day...PLEASE let there come a day, when I can get that done. So, be patient, I have 4 little rugrats beautiful children running around that won't let me get on the computer without the "MOMMY,  MOMMY, MOMMY I need your full attention right now or else I am going to die" thing.

Just to start are a couple of things that I have done so far.
Not the finished product...that will come later. I forgot to take a before pic. It was just plain white.

Just one of the pillows I have done. More to come (hopefully soon!)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas Gifts

These are just a few of the gifts that we did for the girls' teachers for Christmas. I loved how easy it was. A simple brown paper bag with handles. All a little unique in their own way. I loved the vintage look of the papers in this collection. They are from Graphic 45 Christmas Past Collection. I used Letters To Santa, and Deck the Halls papers for the bags. I also used some cardstock punchouts from Creative Imaginations the Samantha Walker collection. And then of course I had to use some mat-board from Heartstring Designs (which by the way is where all of this came from in the Greetings By Design kits ) (here is February's kit)

(I added the gromets here)

I also added the tag. I distressed the edges and embossed gold stars on the front using my Versamark watermark ink pad. I added Stickles to the baby Jesus' manger. I just tore some cardstock and freehanded love and attached it to the front of the tag. Added a gromet with my crop-a-dile ( LOVE IT!) and added twine to attach it to the bag. I made this to be an ornament that they can stick on their Christmas tree every year.

Card made with the same kit. The bottom(from the green ribbon) of it flips up to reveal your message underneath.

More treats/ornaments for my YW from the presidency.