Sunday, June 29, 2008

Milaya's creativity

Whenever I scrapbook or make cards the girls have to get in on it. So this time I let them pretend to make cards. They didn't get to actually glue things together though. They still had fun "making" a card and then wiping it clean and then "making" another. It was kind of cute to see what they would come up with. I didn't get a picture of Hali's, and this is the only one that I got of Milaya's, but I thought that I would post it for her.

Milaya's 'sparkly' birthday card. Gotta have sparkles!

This one I made for a friend whose last name is Jewell. She just had a baby girl and the saying was perfect.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Better video of Brock

This video is a little shorter, but just as cute. I love my little boy!

Oreo Boy

Brock has discovered Oreo's. He loves them. If he sees us eating one he has to have one.

Hee hee I got an oreo!

Brock likes this turtle song that I sing to them and Milaya was singing it to him this time. He likes to say POP!

I love my teacher

This is Milaya's teacher from Sharon Elementary in Utah. Milaya really loved her. I loved her, I wish we could have brought her with us!

A card I made for a baby girl.
Pink mat board square distressed with Ranger's Distress Ink in vintage photo.
White mat board circle distress with Ranger's Distress Ink in peeled paint.
I used a stamp from 7gypises for the writing on circle. And cardstock embellishments also distressed.

A day at the Beach

We took the kids to Yorktown Beach on Saturday. It is right by some CUTE shops and the Watermans's Museum. Milaya went there for a field trip at school. We had fun playing in the sand and eating a picnic lunch on the beach. Milaya said to me that she "couldn't believe that I am on a beach". It was pretty funny. Me neither! I am so excited to be near beaches again and we only had to travel about 30 minutes to get to this one!

Brock didn't want to keep his hat on. He did good for a while.

Brock liked playing in the sand.

Look, it's a mermaid!

This is a sailboat that does tours around the river. I didn't get to get a picture with the sails up. It would have been cool, oh well.

Hali posing in the water.
The girls at a fountain of bubbles.
Bubbles, my bubbles!
Look at the pretty flowers (Black Eyed Suzies) and the wonderful view!
I got ice cream, can you tell?

Milaya really sleeping and Hali fake sleeping, I love her hair!

We went to dinner that night next to the Williamsburg General Store and when we came out these "soldiers" were playing music, so we let the girls go and listen. I should have taken a video so you could hear it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back Scratcher

Check out Brian's back scratcher/massager

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sophie Adelaide

We have a name! I don't have any more pictures though. Chris and Evelyn named their beautiful baby girl Sophie Adelaide and they are going to call her Addie. She has got two cute dimples in her cheeks too. How cute is that! I got to hold her today. Mother and baby are doing great and she is so cute! I want another!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Make and Takes

Here are some make and takes that I am going to be doing for a workshop/open house for Heartstrings. I made the flip flop into a magnet and that is going to go on the invitations to the workshop. Aren't they cute! I love them! I thought that they were perfect for summer. If anyone is willing to host a party let me know!

I love my job!

I had a doula client/friend go into labor yesterday. She called me at 4:30 in the morning saying she was having pretty consistent contractions. I went to her house and we went to the hospital at about 6:15 am. We were only at the hospital waiting for her husband to arrive for about 10 minutes. He works near DC and had to travel about 3 hours to get home. She did awsome! They didn't know what they were having before they had her! I couldn't wait that long to find out! She had a beautiful baby girl at 1:52 pm, weighing 7 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long. They don't have a name for her yet, but I will keep you posted. Here is a pic of the baby. I hope they don't mind. I so love my job helping bring babies into this world and into wonderful families!

Me and Baby Pea
They are calling her Baby "Pea" because they don't have a name for her yet, and their last name starts with a "P", so it just stuck. How cute is that!

Flower and Teacher card

This was before I added the glitter glue to the middle and ends of the flowers.


I made this card for Milaya to take to her Kindergarten teacher.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fire Station #3

We went on a play date to the Fire Station #3 here in Williamsburg. Hali was shy at first and didn't want to get into the truck or let me take pics. Then she decided it wasn't scary and proceeded to do a fake/cheesy smile for me. Brock wouldn't smile at all or look at the camera much. They got a Junior Firefighter badge from the Captain who gave us the tour.

Hali in the back of an ambulance

Can I pull on these knobs now?

Brock checking himself out in the side of the shinny firetruck.

Fake smile

Would you let me go already?!

Honk, honk!!

Boy am I tired. This was on the way home from the fire station, which was only about 7 minutes from the house, if that.


Some friends of ours gave us an Indoor/Outdoor Smore maker and I love it! We decided for the refreshments for a Family Home Evening we would do some. The girls loved them. Well, Hali just took hers apart and ate the chocolate and marshmallow but left the graham crackers.

I want a poky, thingy too!


Look at the cute little dishes you can put stuff in!!


Sticky, but oh so yummy!! This was Milaya's second one!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


These are my beautiful flowers that my husband got me for our 9th Anniversary. They are my favorite! I took these with my old camera right before we got our new one. So the color isn't the best. It makes them neon, which can give them a neat effect I guess.