Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Favors

These are some Halloween treats that I made for the girls classes. I put M&M's in them. I just used cardstock cut to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. And then made them into a tube. Then you squeeze the ends the opposite way. Really easy. I stamped on them before folding them using clear stamps. Love those! The spider and web was my favorite!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday Invites & Gift

These are birthday party invites for Milaya's party. They are little purses that open up with the info inside.

I made these cupcakes for her class at school. I have been seeing tons of these "cupcake creations" where you make a design with them and frost it all together. This one was hard to frost together so I had to do some by themselves and then put them in the shape. There was pink for the girls and plenty of green for the boys in her class. They thought it was cool. Am I the coolest Mom or what!?

I decided that while I had the portable canner from church I would put Milaya's gift in this can and seal it. That way there was NO peeking! I just added some paper and embellishments to it. I thought it turned out cute. Too bad the can-opener was being uncooperative and we had to throw it away. I was going to let her use it to store stuff in. Oh well. Maybe next time. I did save the paper and stuff on it to do a layout later.

Towel Bags

I know I haven't updated in a while, so there will be a few new posts on here. Hopefully I can get them all done!

These are just some bags that I made with the youth at my church. I just found these towels for $1 at Wal-Mart. Got some ribbon for the handles, and I had some old buttons that we put on them. I used cross stitch thread to whipstitch the sides closed and then hot glued the handles on it. We wanted to make it simple and quick for the girls to do. The first on I made. Milaya's is the brown one, she designed her buttons. And Hali's is the light blue one. She also "designed" her button flower.

The back of mine

The front of mine. I sewed a button on the front(in the middle) and put a thin piece of ribbon to loop over the button to keep it closed at the top. You just can't see that in the picture, sorry.



Friday, October 3, 2008

For Mom & Dad

This is a picture that I have had since I got married. I have always loved it. So I thought that I would frame it for my parents and send it to them. But silly me sent it before the storm. Now it is lost in the mail somewhere and they can't get it yet. I was going to make it a surprise for them, but they might see it on here. So, Mom and Dad if you are reading this I love you very much and I am very glad that you are my parents. This wasn't supposed to be for an anniversary or anything like that. It was a "just because" thing. I hope that you like it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Make & Take

This is my make & take that we did for Amanda's party last night. I forgot to get pictures of the ones that they made, but here is what they based it on. I am starting to like the color orange. I know I am from Orange, but it wasn't my best color. Anyhoo, I can scrapbook with it and don't have to wear it right!?

I used a large mat board tag
vellum flowers that I punched out(blue & orange)
felt flowers from American Craft
bronze colored eyelet
paper that was left over from a previous kit
distress ink in vintage photo

I wanted them to play with different textures on one item to see how they can work together. I also wanted them to be able to use the Crop-a-dile. Love that thing! It is quiet and so easy to use. They loved it and were amazed at how easy it was.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


OK, so I am just getting to do my halloween pictures from last year. Just in time to take more! This is from the October kit that is coming out in a few weeks! I already have a page done! Whoo hooo! I plan on doing more so I might add it to this one later. The kit came with a stencil sheet that was too cute. That is what all of the swirls and the circle in the middle came from. I used the white pen from Inkssentials. WAY CUTE! I love it!

The kids weren't anything scary for halloween so I didn't want the page to be scary. Maybe I will add a few pumpkins to it or something.

After adding some orange accents

Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo of Summer

I had so many photos from summer that I loved, but I settled on this one of my son's foot at the beach as one my favorites.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

October Greetings and Housecalls

They are here! October's Greetings and Housecalls Kits! I love the boots! If anyone wants to purchase them email me at It is a six month subscription in which you must accept three shipments. You can defer up to three shipments(but really why would you want to?)

Greetings By Design $17.50/mo (+ S&H & tax)
Makes 4 of each card
Housecalls $23.00/mo (+ S&H & tax)

Housecalls & Greetings By Design together is $37.00/mo

Greetings (GBD)

Kit includes:
Wow Items: 5 yards Orange Pebbles Inc Ribbon
ZVA Creative Felt Flowers
Daisy Bucket Rub Ons
3 12x12 Pattern Paper Sheets Scenic Route Paper Company
4 Clear Images Acrylic Boxes
2 Kraft Cardstock
4 White Envelopes
4 White Cards and Envelopes
4 Matboard Chocolate Owls
4 Matboard Black Boots
4 Matboard Plum Scallops
4 Matboard Pink Tags
1 Transparency Sheet
1 Acrylic Sheet
Extras: White Ribbon and Eyelets

Housecalls (HC)

**All layouts were done by Heather Bird at Heartstring Designs**

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hey y'all-I don't have any pics of my family's houses, but we have had word that they are ok. We also have had word that there has been no water damage to our homes, just maybe some cosmetic stuff to fix. My family is still out of town and don't know when the power will be back on or when they will be let in. Some other places in Orange are really bad. Bridge City is pretty bad too. I am putting in some links to and the Orange Police Dept.. They have pics of some of the damage. This is a tv station that has been streaming online. KFDM Check them out if you want to see. Thank you to all that have said prayers and have been thinking of my family. I will post more later when we have more to update.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Grosgrain: Make Believe Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

This is too cute! And I love the crown! Check this out and enter to win.

Grosgrain: Make Believe Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September Housecalls

This is the September Housecalls and some ideas that they have come up with. I love the flow of the last one.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September Kit

This is another card that I made from the September Greetings By Design kit. I just LOVE the color combinations in this kit. Not much to this card, just plain and simple.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Purse Card

Just a couple of cards from the August kit. I LOVE the colors in this kit. The paper and rub-ons are from Daisy Bucket Designs. And of course the mat board from Heartstring Designs. LOVE IT! I also used Broken China distress ink from Ranger on both cards.

This is a purse card that I added a magnet to the back of the flower and to the card to make it stay closed and to help it stand up. I think it turned out really cute.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

This is the same post I made on my other website, so if you have read it once, don't feel obligated to read it again.

As you probably know, Hurricane Gustav is hitting the Gulf right about now. My parents and most of my family are on the Gulf Coast(Orange, TX to be exact). Luckily everyone has made plans to be somewhere else when it hits. I would just like to say to all of the readers or anyone who happens to come across my blog to keep them and their homes in your prayers and thoughts. I know homes and the things in them are just "things". But they are my family's. It would be devastating for them to try and start over. My parents have been in the same house for over 30 yrs. I grew up in that house. I love my home. I love my family. I also have friends that are in Texas and more family/friends in Louisiana. I just hope and pray that everything will be ok for them when they return. It also bugs me that the weather channel is so worried about New Orleans, that is all fine and dandy, but what about the other people down there. They haven't said anything about the Texas coast or even closer to the border. I actually heard a weatherman say that "he HOPES it moves west so it doesn't hit New Orleans". I DON'T! (I wouldn't wish it on anyone.) I can understand how devastating it will be for New Orleans, but once again no one remembers anything about Hurricane Rita that hit my parents/family either. It is all about Katrina. Again, I understand it wasn't AS bad as Katrina, but there were still families left without homes, etc. And now here it goes again. So anyway, that is just my little vent session. To all of those in South East Texas I am thinking of you and praying for you! God bless Texas.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eatin Ice Cream on the Shore

Here is Hali's beach layout that I finally got done. She looked so cute eating her ice cream, and of course she got it all over her face. I thought that the key chain card that I got was so cute I had to take a picture of it and put it on the layout. Ben & Jerry's is very popular out here. (I personally like Baskin Robbins better, but it still isn't as good as my BLUE BELL!!!)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, you name it

This is a card I made for our Young Women's Presidents daughter. She got married a few weeks a go in UT.

This is a Book of Mormon that I made for my YW for a lesson. I used my alphabet stamps from Stampin Up and a versamark ink pad, and then used gold embossing powder. I used two small scraps of denim mat board for the covers of the book. Made eyelets and tied them together with twine.

This is an anniversary card for my in-laws. The card is glittery and of course more mat board! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad B! We love you.

This card was designed by Milaya. She told me what paper and stuff she wanted on it and I finished it for her. So happy birthday Aunt Karin! Hope you got it and liked it! We love you too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Aren't the birds so cute! This is a baby card made with the mat board shapes that we turned into birds. You could stamp a paisley pattern on them also if you wanted. The possibilities are endless! The bird patterned paper is glittery too and adds a little bit more texture to the card.

I love the "thickers". They are raised stickers that are smooth and puffy. The letter sticker is a brown glitter sticker. Love those too!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Change of website

Hello to all. I have decided to keep this blog just for my scrapbooking and crafty stuff. So I will no longer be putting kids/family stuff on this website. Of course unless it is on a scrapbook page! So see below link to check out my other one. I am still leaving the pics I have on this one so they will still be accessible to see. If you click on the title of this post it will take you right to my other blog. Thanks.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hali's surgery

For all of those who are wondering. Hali's surgery went well. She came home at around noon yesterday. She was eating and playing around and not wanting to wear the sling that we have her in. But all went well, we are trying to catch up on sleep and readjust. Hali gets frustrated because she can't use her right hand and she is right handed. We take her back to the doctor on the 1st of August to take the dressing off and make sure it is healing properly. Thank you to all of those who were saying prayers and well wishes. I will post pictures later of before and after. I got some shots of her playing with some toys at the hospital while we waited on the doctor to get there. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a Party

These are the invitations that I made for a Heartstrings party that I did. I made the flip flops out of mat board (of course) and punched holes for the ribbon. Instead of turning them into a paper clip or just leaving them like that I turned them into magnets. That way people can see them and see how cute they are!

July 4th

OK, so this picture is a little old. It is of Milaya at 8 months old. I just had to use my July kit for this one, and I finally found this picture again.

The USA is stamped with stamps that came in the kit. The red and blue paint came with it also. I used the craft white stamp pad from Stampin Up for the s. I love the red, white, and blue kits. I thought that I would just go simple on this one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I took Hali to the doctor today because she said that her throat hurt. Today is the second day she has complained about it. I looked at it this morning and it was so swollen that her left side of her tonsils were almost touching her uvula(hangy ball thingy as the kids call it). I took her because she is supposed to be having surgery on a ganglion cyst that she has on her right wrist. We are going to take Hali to see a surgeon tomorrow to meet with him before she has surgery on the 22nd. It really isn't bothering her right now, but has gotten bigger so we are opting to take it out before it gets any bigger. She is really worried about having surgery, so if y'all could keep us in your thoughts tomorrow and on the 22nd that would be great. It is a little scary to see your child be so scared and worried. It makes it harder to be strong for them. I know that it seems a small thing, but you still worry about them and hope and pray that all goes well. So please keep her(us)in mind. Thanks.

Peek A Boo Silly Boy

Just some random shots I took of Brock. Isn't he just the cutest.

We have a little mailbox that is almost as tall as Brock is. He decided to play peek-a-boo and I got this shot out of it.

I love his smile in this picture. He has this little devilish grin/look on his face though.

We have a trick rider in the family. found me.