Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just realized that I haven't posted pics of the mirror I finished!!! My brain doesn't work properly most of the time sometimes! we go!
 I don't think that I needed the primer on it. I think it was a wasted step...lesson learned. 
 I painted it a turquoise blue, then dry brushed some creamy tan oops paint that I got again for really cheap. Then I sanded it down on the edges to reveal some of the wood. (this is why the primer was a wasted step) 

The pic below is where I have it now. I am eventually going to re-do the dresser and the jewelry box on the right. In all of the spare time that I have! The dresser we got for free from our landlord after we got married. It is falling apart, but it was free and still works. I would eventually like to get this one from IKEA. I just have to talk Mr. Moneybags into getting it, since he doesn't think the old one is worth a re-do. I couldn't get a "good" picture of it to make it look "pretty", oh well. I will blame it on my not so fancy camera ;) 

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