Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, Mother's Day has come and gone. I am running behind as usual. We have a family tradition of being late with cards, so I am just carrying it on one more generation I always say. Anyway, here are some of the Mother's Day cards that I made for my mom, mother-in-law, and friend. Only one of these cards were actually supposed to be a mother's day card. There are so many ways to use these cards!

This card is so cute! Everything that is the light pink is mat board. The flower and the circle are what is cut out to let the paper behind it show. I loved it! They are so easy to transform and put together. This was originally a thank you card.

This one I love! It has so many textures on it with the burlap flower to the felt pad circle in the middle, to the other flowers on the card. I added my own stamp that says "all my love" from Stampin' Up on the bottom left.

This one I used a versamark ink pad to put the pattern on the card. It looked too plain to just leave it by itself.


Karin said...

Such beautiful cards! I saw the one that you sent to Mom and thought that it was very pretty! I especially like the first one with the cut outs so that you can see the paper underneith it. very cute indeed! You have outdone yourself yet again!
luv and hugs

Karena said...

You really are very creative. I love to see the product of your craftiness.