Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is a farm in Surry, which is across the James River that you could go and pick strawberries. You just had to pay for the berries that you picked. It was hard not to eat them right after you picked them! The kids had fun and it was a beautiful day. I love it here!

Isn't that a purty sight! I love strawberries.

Basket's full, are we done?

Working in the fields!

Hmm... this one looks good.

Milaya loved picking the strawberries and being in control of the basket.

Yummy, I got one!


Meg said...

Milaya has BANGS!!! oh wow! I wish I could have seen you guys before you left... sad day. It looks like you are making new friends though. Thats good!!! Miss you!

Karin said...

Very pretty strawberries! You could make that picture into a card! I am a little jealous of the fresh fruit! It is good to see pictures of the kids. I wish that I could have kissed them all before you moved! Kisses and hugs to all!