Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I took Hali to the doctor today because she said that her throat hurt. Today is the second day she has complained about it. I looked at it this morning and it was so swollen that her left side of her tonsils were almost touching her uvula(hangy ball thingy as the kids call it). I took her because she is supposed to be having surgery on a ganglion cyst that she has on her right wrist. We are going to take Hali to see a surgeon tomorrow to meet with him before she has surgery on the 22nd. It really isn't bothering her right now, but has gotten bigger so we are opting to take it out before it gets any bigger. She is really worried about having surgery, so if y'all could keep us in your thoughts tomorrow and on the 22nd that would be great. It is a little scary to see your child be so scared and worried. It makes it harder to be strong for them. I know that it seems a small thing, but you still worry about them and hope and pray that all goes well. So please keep her(us)in mind. Thanks.


Karena said...

We will definetly keep you in our prayers!

Karin said...

So what was the diagnosis on her throat? We will keep her and you in our thoughts and prayers. It is a scarry thing and you have a right to worry.
Love you all!

Rachel said...

I hope the surgery went well. You're in our thoughts and prayers. How is she feeling now? How are you?