Friday, July 4, 2008

Rabid Turtles

We were the Rabid Turtles. Don't ask me where we got that name. It was like a "survivor" theme and that is what we got. Although we had a pretty cute song to go with our name.

Our Camps flag

Our Tiki Doll with white foam and all.

The YW presidency, Amanda Jones, Karyvette Feito, Me, Shelly Flint
Leaders of the Rabid Turtles!

Our home away from home.

The Spirit Rock that our girls had one for two challenges in a row! Whoo Hoo!

This was our DEAR time (Drop everything and read) When I got there on Thursday I thought that the girls were somewhere else because it was so quiet. It was amazing to see the girls reading their scriptures or writing in their journals. Girls Camp Rocks!

All of us that went to camp.

The view from the beach. The kids like to swim out to the island and back.

This is what they caught out by the island. It was in the shell on the right, but all of a sudden we looked in the bag and it was like there were two in there. I have never seen a crawfish do that. (or as people out here call them 'crayfish'. They obviously aren't from Texas or Louisiana!)

This is a view from where the river comes under the bridge that leads out to the lake. Beautiful!

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Karena said...

Wow, it makes me more excited to go to girlscamp the first week of August. Looks like you had lots of fun!