Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday Invites & Gift

These are birthday party invites for Milaya's party. They are little purses that open up with the info inside.

I made these cupcakes for her class at school. I have been seeing tons of these "cupcake creations" where you make a design with them and frost it all together. This one was hard to frost together so I had to do some by themselves and then put them in the shape. There was pink for the girls and plenty of green for the boys in her class. They thought it was cool. Am I the coolest Mom or what!?

I decided that while I had the portable canner from church I would put Milaya's gift in this can and seal it. That way there was NO peeking! I just added some paper and embellishments to it. I thought it turned out cute. Too bad the can-opener was being uncooperative and we had to throw it away. I was going to let her use it to store stuff in. Oh well. Maybe next time. I did save the paper and stuff on it to do a layout later.

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Karin said...

This is a great idea! So cute! I wonder if there is a can big enought to put the circular saw that I bought Dennis for Christmas in?!?! Then I know he couldn't peak! Are there cans that come that big? LOL!