Friday, October 3, 2008

For Mom & Dad

This is a picture that I have had since I got married. I have always loved it. So I thought that I would frame it for my parents and send it to them. But silly me sent it before the storm. Now it is lost in the mail somewhere and they can't get it yet. I was going to make it a surprise for them, but they might see it on here. So, Mom and Dad if you are reading this I love you very much and I am very glad that you are my parents. This wasn't supposed to be for an anniversary or anything like that. It was a "just because" thing. I hope that you like it.


Karin said...

That is sooo sweet! I hope that it is found and that they can enjoy it!

Mandy said...

They actually won't get to enjoy it. It did get to them, but it was ruined by water damage. It should have gotten there early in the week (if people hadn't been lazy), but it sat at the post office. The post office got flooded and therefore ruining the whole package. They had to throw it away. I was so sad and knew that I should have waited until after the storm to send it. That was the only copy I had of the picture though. It was taken by David(Bealer).

Karin said...

I am soooo sad! I am so sorry! Good thing that you took a picture of it before you sent it!