Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fire Station #3

We went on a play date to the Fire Station #3 here in Williamsburg. Hali was shy at first and didn't want to get into the truck or let me take pics. Then she decided it wasn't scary and proceeded to do a fake/cheesy smile for me. Brock wouldn't smile at all or look at the camera much. They got a Junior Firefighter badge from the Captain who gave us the tour.

Hali in the back of an ambulance

Can I pull on these knobs now?

Brock checking himself out in the side of the shinny firetruck.

Fake smile

Would you let me go already?!

Honk, honk!!

Boy am I tired. This was on the way home from the fire station, which was only about 7 minutes from the house, if that.


Karena said...

What a neat adventure! He does look worn out after such a fun time:)

Karin said...

I can't believe how big Brock is getting! Such a handsome little man! How fun it is to visit the Firemen! And look how tuckered out he was! Great activity Mandy! give the girls kisses for me and of course Brock too!
Love and miss you guys!