Thursday, June 5, 2008


Some friends of ours gave us an Indoor/Outdoor Smore maker and I love it! We decided for the refreshments for a Family Home Evening we would do some. The girls loved them. Well, Hali just took hers apart and ate the chocolate and marshmallow but left the graham crackers.

I want a poky, thingy too!


Look at the cute little dishes you can put stuff in!!


Sticky, but oh so yummy!! This was Milaya's second one!


Karena said...

Looks so yummy, I love smores. I am sure it made a great FHE. Good to see pictures!

Meg said...

I want one!!! Those look so fun. Whenever I make smores I end up smelling like a campfire... or eating dirt. That cooker seems to avoid both :)

Shelly said...

We love smores too! I didn't know there was a gadget so that you could make them indoors, way too cool!